Terms & Conditions

Kindly read our terms, conditions, disclaimer and privacy information regarding products and services sold by Soul 2 Path Psychics, to learn more about our policies and guarantees.  Should you require further information please contact us via our ‘Contact Us’ page.

The products and/or services created/delivered by Soul 2 Path Psychics are individually created to be personalised by the end user and should not be considered a medical or magical treatment that will make you invincible, or give you a silver bullet to do whatever you want.  We do not guarantee any outcomes with any of our products and/or services.

We take no responsibility for any outcomes from decisions, or actions carried out by any of our Customers or third parties that may be in receipt of any of our products and/or services as a gift or other purpose.  Further, we take no responsibility for any Gambling, Business, Sports, or any other financial, spiritual or relationship losses that may occur.  Please use common sense and be careful, with clear thinking when making decisions associated with the usage of our products and/or services to avoid unwanted results.

We herein deny any personal, medical, legal, or financial liability for any unwanted or adverse results when using our products and/or services and hold ourselves completely harmless in any actions that may result in legal actions, or claims that may occur while using our products and/or services.  We hold no responsibility for any incidents or accidents (either personally or in your car), you potentially may have where our products and/or services were present and have no control as to the use of our products and/or services once it is in the end user’s use.

We deny being liable for any blame for cause and effect that may be claimed by the User, or by any third party, that our products and/or services was the cause of any unwanted outcome or, that our products and/or services malfunctioned in any way that may have caused the outcome.

Soul 2 Path Psychics and its associates, herein reject any claims (that may be considered) as a result of any purchase of our products and/or services and have no control whatsoever over your circumstances either, in your future or your past.