Reiki Set Rose Quartz


This set is perfect for the Usui Reiki Master or Advanced Practitioner.

There are 4 crystals each engraved with the sacred Usui Reiki Symbols. They are about 4cm by 3.5cm and are made out of Amethyst. Amethyst is a powerful energy amplifer and has an influence on body and soul. It is ideal for meditation and manifesting. It helps to strengthen our spiritual powers, promotes peaceful sleep and keeps away nightmares. It is also recommended for skin disorders, diseases of the reproductive system, migraines, headaches and addictions.

Use of the Usui Reiki Stones

Each of the Usui Reiki symbols has a different use or purpose and, therefore, a different subtle energy vibration. Therefore, each symbol carries their own unique vibrational pattern of healing.

They can be used on yourself, placed in your home or work environment, or alternatively can be placed onto the person you are giving healing to, or given to them to hold during a healing session. Using the crystals in the ways above, both amplifies the Reiki energy and prolongs the healing process. We recommend cleansing them regularly.

These crystals are also an excellent aid to use in meditation. The Usui Reiki symbols have very powerful properties and the ability to transform not only specific diseases or mental attitudes, but also to transform our whole subtle light body so that it can maintain a far higher degree of pure white Universal healing light; the very essence of Reiki itself.

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