Rahzay DNA Re-Encoding


IMPORTANT! Do not purchase this product unless you have completed the DNA Activation.

Your DNA has a much greater purpose than simply being a blueprint for building your body. It contains all your history since you first incarnated into this world and others, many lifetimes ago. It’s where your akashic record – the record of your Soul resides.

Every experience you’ve ever had throughout every lifetime, and every thought and emotion you’ve had about each of your experiences is recorded on your DNA in your Akashic record that 97% that scientists call ‘junk.”

As you repeat thoughts and the emotions attach to them, they compound to become beliefs. These beliefs are stored on the Akashic record in the DNA in every cell of your body. According to the rate of the vibration of your beliefs.

Enjoy a wonderful experience as you’re guided to participate in the reencoding of your 12 DNA strands. You’ll embed powerful healing in the interdimensional layers of energy that surround your DNA.

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