Rahzay 12 Strand DNA Activation


DNA activation is the next step in awaking to new or heightening your existing talents, perceptions, awareness, and communication with the Angels and Spirit Beings in this and other dimensions.

It is ESSENTIAL that you have your 12 energetic strands of DNA activated to step into the new Golden Age on Earth. In fact most children now being born, already have their DNA activated!

What is the Rahzay 12 strand DNA activation? Activating your DNA is a service to humanity for the inner awakening of each soul that lives on Earth.

Most people know that DNA is a “mark of life,” which can be found in every cell of the human body.  What most people don’t know is that for every double helix with 2 strands of DNA, there are energetic layers of DNA added, which are not active, however, have been in the dormant state since the dawn of mankind.

For humans, each activated strand leads to developing abilities at high capacities. Science has proven that at most we only use around 5% of our two-stranded DNA. Thus, we live in a world where people are stressed, sick, unhappy, have difficulties with experiencing love and showing true love. In essence we have broken our connection with the Universe. Our world does not encourage us to connect with our true authentic self. For many who have tried meditation, most don’t continue and those that do fount it took a long time in order to have any type of a mystique experience – this is how serious it is with mankind’s disconnect from the universe at the moment.

DNA activation means that all 12 strands operate efficiently, and the energetic layers are working in sync with our DNA.

The Rahzay 12 strand DNA activation is available both on Compact Disc or as an instant mp3 download. You’ll enjoy this wonderful experience and successfully activate your DNA as you participate in this truely beautiful process delivered to mankind by Archangel Uriel.

Unlocking your DNA will heighten your physical, psychic, healing, and mental abilities.

The guided process includes pre-instruction, the activation and post-instruction audio. It uses the sacred 12 Angelic tones to activate the 12 strand DNA and 12 energetic layers, that unlock your ability to understand who you are by giving you insight into your Akashic records. which are encoded on each of our 12 strands of DNA.


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