Larimar Crystal Chips Stretch Bracelet


Stone of Personal Freedom

*** Mining for Larimar has ceased it is becoming very rare on the world market, and generally now can only be found in Jewellery ***

This stone is known by many ‘names’: The Atlantis stone, The Dolphin Stone, Stefilia’s Stone. It is in fact a lovely variety of Pectolite. Found only in the Caribbean blue waters around the Dominican Republic.

Told to have first been discovered in 1916 in the southwest of the Dominican Republic by a Spanish born priest of the name Miguel Domingo Feurtes Loren, who it is said to have reported the discovery to the Archbishop, but no mining action was taken at the time. Said then to have been discovered by a Peace Corp. worker in 1974, Mr. Mendez, it was given its name for his daughter Lari for ‘Larisa” and Mar from the Spanish for ‘Sea’.

Larimar is used to promote healing of the upper body, especially with disharmony of the heart and nerves. Assists one in remaining calm, to reduce heart rate and blood pressure, constricted joints, and blocked arteries.

This gemstone works effectively with people who may have unresolved inner child issues.

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