7 Key to Freedom (Sounds True) CD

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“Chakradance” is a healing dance practice created by pioneering teacher Natalie Southgate. 7 Keys to Freedom brings you the soundtrack and gentle instruction from the DVD of the same name to take us through a complete chakra-balancing journey.

Each track uses specific frequencies and tonalities chosen for their relationship to the body’s seven energy centres from grounding, tribal beats associated with our root chakra to more ethereal, expansive music for the higher chakras. The first seven tracks include guided visualisation to clarify intentions and point us toward the hidden gifts within each chakra. Tracks 8-14 are music only, allowing you to surrender into your unique dance and follow your own inner guidance.

“Balancing and integrating the seven chakras allows us to discover our true rhythm and harmony,” teaches Natalie Southgate. 7 Keys to Freedom offers a new experience each time you practice, helping to shift and tune your energy system as you express yourself through the dance.

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