[su_testimonial name=”Nancy – Brisbane, Australia” photo=””  target=”self”]Though I’m grateful to have a benefit of a psychic within driving distance, ironically my readings have thus far been by phone. I can’t attest enough how grounded Steven is in his work and I’m amazed at the accuracy of his readings (and not in the diluted Daily Horoscope kind of way).

His great care and warm guidance come through as if you were in the same room – so much so that I may never need the live reading I intended from the beginning. What I’ve learned most in the short time I’ve worked with him is to really take part in the process. Be open to, take advantage of and apply the wealth of information offered during the reading. I definitely feel it’s prepared and paved by way for why I am having such a great experience.[/su_testimonial]

[su_testimonial name=”John – Sydney, Australia” photo=””  target=”self”]I always knew the real deal existed. Psychic Steve is as real as the Sun.  I had the most wonderful 30 minutes tarot reading by this beautiful creature and he knew things in detail that amazed me. He answered every question and He helped me not to feel so lost and confused. As soon as I put the phone down I was left feeling very at peace. I can’t wait until my next reading! I will recommend him to close friends and family for sure. He has a great gift. Thank you very much for your time, Psychic Steve.[/su_testimonial]

[su_testimonial name=”Joanna – London, UK” photo=””  target=”self”]I just wanted to thank you for the awesome reading you gave me yesterday, in just 15 minutes you were very direct and straight to the point, not to mention extremely accurate! It was definitely worth the money to have been able to gain such insight into my issues.[/su_testimonial]

[su_testimonial name=”Rosemary – Vancouver, Canada” photo=””  target=”self”]I just wanted to thank you for the insightful reading you gave me yesterday.  It’s amazing how he could pick up on my habits and traits without us communicating verbally at all. He’s absolutely amazing! His reading gave me a sense of peace that I have not felt in a long time, and I know I am on my way to complete healing. I never expected to get so much insight in only 30 minutes.[/su_testimonial]

[su_testimonial name=”Connie – Brisbane, Australia” photo=”” target=”self”]Once again, I had an amazing reading with Steven. I have been working with him for two years now and he is right on all the time. His candles are powerful as well. Don’t hesitate for a minute.[/su_testimonial]

[su_testimonial name=”Charlee-Ann – Townsville, Australia” photo=”” target=”self”]All I can say is how amazing he is… Steven has the biggest heart and very intuitive. I can’t wait to start learning from him he is an amazing teacher… Thank you so much for my reading Steven I really appreciate the love you showed in my time of need, I definitely recommend him to anyone.[/su_testimonial]

[su_testimonial name=”Melissa – Sydney, Australia” photo=”” target=”self”]Steven is a book of knowledge. He is generous, kind, genuine and very easy to talk to. He is extremely intuitive and there is no nonsense with him. His development courses are fantastic! Highly recommend![/su_testimonial]

[su_testimonial name=”Karen – San Francisco, USA” photo=”” target=”self”]Steven is lovely and relatable. He is very accurate but doesn’t over embellish or over promise. This isn’t just a reading; Steven also provides guidance and tools to help the caller find clarity and calm when its needed most! After several years of working together, he has helped shape my spiritually and emotionally through some interesting and challenging times. I would highly recommend his services!![/su_testimonial]

[su_testimonial name=”Sandy – Perth, Australia” photo=”” target=”self”]It was very enlightening. You got right to the core of what I really needed to know. If you had asked me, I would have said something about working on keeping myself open to move in a new direction. However, you got right to the heart of the matter by identifying the angry, defensive energy that I put up which is blocking my access to my higher self/knowing.[/su_testimonial]

[su_testimonial name=”Mel – Melbourne, Australia” photo=”” target=”self”]The session, for me, was constructive, and I felt it enabled me to say some things more honestly than I would have otherwise [this was a couples reading]. I am very glad that we came to see you, the session has inspired some positive change. Thank you very much![/su_testimonial]

[su_testimonial name=”Robert – Melbourne, Australia” photo=”” target=”self”]I don’t know if you remember me or my situation? I re-listened to my reading that we had last September and wow most of the reading is still accurate. I just wanted to say thank you again for this reading. Your reading has given me clarity and a guide as to what I need to do. Your honesty, patience, and authentic careful way of doing my reading is just fantastic. I would say your probably the best real psychic, because I’ve gotten readings from other so called readers, and I have recently re- listened to them and the readings were absolute garbage, so I just took those readings with a grain of salt. Anyways I just wanted to say thank you again.[/su_testimonial]

[su_testimonial name=”John – Brisbane, Australia” photo=”” target=”self”]I just had the most amazing reading with Steve, he was 100% spot on. I have been going through a lot of personal issues and he knew about them all. I am confident that my future is about to change.[/su_testimonial]