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Patience Really is a Virtue

Patience Really is a Virtue?  How often have you been told patience is a virtue?  It gets rather annoying when your anxiety levels are going through the roof, and you turn to a psychic for the answers who tells you that what you are looking for will happen but you have to wait! Aghhh!  This is not the psychics fault it is just the laws of the universe and what lessons we have to complete before we can move onto what we really want in life.

Each and everyone of us work on our own rhythm, tempo and timing.  When we move along smoothly in the tempo, we feel that everything is right within our world.  Other times, we rail against the flow, wondering why things don’t happen as quickly as we’d like them to.  If we are fortunate, there is some things we many do to speed up the process, but in most cases we need to wait.  This may be on a lost love level where we need time to for our hearts to heal, or we may be looking for that next great job opportunity but we have to wait for that job to have a position available, or maybe you are sick of living like a church mouse and want money in your life to give you some kind of stability.  Out of all this we have to learn the lesson of patience, and be strong knowing that it will manifest we just need to wait.

For example, a pregnancy cannot be rushed, we need to wait for the the child to want to be born, we cannot hurry up this process, we must let things develop in their own time.  As much as many new parents want to meet the new soul coming into their lives, they must give it time to grow and to become what it is meant to be.  As much as many want to speed that process along, there’s really is not much that can actually be done except to be patient and wait for that wonderful day when the baby decides it’s time to enter the big wide world.

It’s not always an easy thing, waiting.  Often we start to think that life is one big waiting game.  Whether you are waiting to fall in love, find that right job, or to live that perfect life.  But if you’re spending your time waiting, rather than doing, feeling and living, then it’s guaranteed you are missing out on so many beautiful moments.  You could be missing out of moments with close friends, family and pets, moments that you will never get to re-live, even after that “someday” finally does arrive.

Yes, you may be happier when you imagine that future relationship, that exciting job created just for you, or that beautiful worry free life.  Maybe you will.  But it’s guaranteed you will be much happier in the future if you are taking care of what’s happening around you at the present time.  Living in the Now.  Then in the future you can look back and say “I did it right.”  If you are loving yourself with all your heart, and giving what you can but taking care of yourself as well, you will be happier, and grounded no matter what the future brings.

We can and often do spend so much time dreaming and planning for the future that often we lose sight of what is right in front of us right now.  So, just for a moment, open your eyes.  What do you see?  Is it perfect?  Is it everything you dreamed?  No? Not even close?  But does it have its own beauty and light?  Of course it does.  Spirit is everywhere and in everything.

Just remember, sometimes when we ask for something, the answer isn’t no, it’s “just wait.”

Our psychics can help you in navigating through this time, and help assist you with grounding and giving you insight and advice of how to navigate to get where you want to be, in the shortest possible time.  Why not have a reading with us today!



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