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Ethical Statement

Our Ethical Statement

Soul 2 Path Psychics is committed to providing our clients with an enjoyable, safe and uplifting spiritual experience when having a psychic reading online.  We want you to enjoy our services for what they are; positive forms of personal enlightenment and entertainment.  Readings should always be done in moderation and while this is the case for the vast majority of our clients, we are aware that someone could find themselves in a situation where they feel reliant on the service, spending beyond their own comfortable limits.

All our readers are vetted for authenticity and are highly skilled individuals who will never seek to entice you into spending more money than you are comfortable with.  That being said, if you do feel you are spending more than you wish on our services, we offer the following solutions:

Temporary Suspension.  You can request that your account be suspended for a period of your choosing.  The minimum time frame must be two weeks and the account will only be reactivated upon your request.  Once you have informed us that you wish to reactivate your account, an additional 24 hour cooling off period shall be applied, to ensure you are fully satisfied with your decision.

Spending Limit. You can request a spending cap be placed on your account, restricting the amount you are able to deposit.  The amount and period of the limit is of your choosing.

Long Term Suspension.  Same as temporary suspension however for a longer period.  The minimum time frame is 6 months and the account will only be reactivated upon your request.

Permanent Exclusion. If you wish you can request your account to be closed.  Please note that one you have agreed to a permanent exclusion, you will not have the option to reopen your account at a future date.

If you would like to enact any of these solutions, please contact our highly trained support team who will assist you in a discrete and professional manner.

Please note that you will not be eligible to re-open your account until the chosen time period has expired.  Once we have received your re-opening request one of our customer support representatives will contact you in order to clarify you are happy with your decision.  We will them implement a one-day cooling-off period so you can reconsider the decision before resuming access to our psychic network.

During your suspension/cooling off period, Soul 2 Path Psychics will take all reasonable steps to ensure you do not receive any promotional material.  Nevertheless, if you use social media channels we strongly recommend you take the necessary precautions, ensuring such updates are unable to reach you.

This ethical statement is our acknowledgement that a small number of people may find themselves spending above their means and our commitment to helping such individuals.  Psychic readings should never bee used to dictate your whole life and should be used sparingly as a tool to gain guidance and insight.

Please note, we do not offer refunds (excluding our satisfaction guarantee) of any kind.  It is important that you understand your own responsibility and that when purchasing credit; you do so of your own free will.  we are however fully committed in assisting you in reaching a solution, if you feel you are spending beyond your means.

Our aim to create an honest and open psychic reading network which is safe and secure for all its users.  Our wish is to provide guidance to people in an enjoyable manner that does not impede on their financial situations.

If you have any questions regarding our ethical statement or you wish to discuss how we can help limit your access to the site, please contact us.

Praise for Psychic Martin
Fantastic connected really well gave me answers to my questions
Praise for Helen border=
Thank you for being available to talk to Helen, you were just what I needed! You were so comfortable to talk to & understanding. You made me feel at ease which was wonderful as I was a bit nervous to start. It meant more than you know to have my Mum & then even my Dad there with you, to have them there together & the things they said blew me for 6! Only they would have said what they did, there is no doubt they were there with you, I have such peace of mind now knowing that. And all the problems I feel I put upon you, geez, & between you & your incite & Mum you addressed them all. So now I am feeling like all is not as muddled as it was, all is clearer & I'm out of panic mode thanks to you. Bless you for what you were able to do for me & my family, I dumped so much on you. And since we spoke, bits & pieces have come to me that have put things even more into perspective. Clarity & peace of mind are so important especially at those times when you become desperate for help & or answers...I understand sometimes things also need to be faced...on speaking to you I have gained that clarity, I'm so grateful. So expect me to call again when I feel the need to hear from my Mum or need that bit of clarity & understanding. Again bless you & thank you for what you do.

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