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Welcome to Soul 2 Path Psychics

Here you will find a family of psychics of the highest credentials, hand-picked from around the World. Instrumental in your life, delivering direction in every aspect... Love, Romance, Friendships, Money, Career, Potential, our live psychics will amaze you.

All of our readers work from home, not a call centre, and are the most accurate, genuine, insightful and gifted psychics. Many have repeat callers & have worked in the industry for years, with their gifts honed to perfection, so be sure to take the pin number of your reader so you may contact them again.

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Meet Our Psychic Advisors
Ext. 6286
Being a TV transfiguration channel medium I have assist thousands in the eighteen years in my field. Seeing others happy as an empath if they are not then I am not as I feel their feelings. read more
PIN 6286
from $34
Ext. 8730
Greetings & Welcome. My name is Shannon. I am an intuitive reader with 25 years of experience. I integrate my abilities & channeled communications, providing you with surprisingly in-depth psychic readings every time. I have been blessed with the gifts… read more
PIN 8730
from $34
Ext. 0000
Soul2Path talented team of Psychics, Clairvoyants and Mediums are available 24/7 to answer all of your questions, problems or concerns via our Psychic Text Service. Whether it’s Love and relationships, or work and family life – we’re here to help… read more
from $15
Ext. 9512
Steve is a skilled master psychic clairvoyant with over 25 years of experience. I utilise my abilities as an empath, clairvoyant, clairaudient towards giving extreme details and description. I possesses a strong gift of insight, seeing and hearing thoughts, intentions,… read more
PIN 9512
from $34
Ext. 8699
I am a psychic a powerful clairvoyant, clairsentience and claircognizance. I have many years experience doing tarot and numerology readings. I have worked with spiritual masters in Sedona Arizona. read more
PIN 8699
from $34
Ext. 2410
I am 3rd Generation Psychic with God-Given Gifts of the Spirit. Gifted from birth with the ability to see into the Spirit Realm. I am Clairvoyant, Clairaudient and Empathic. I provide Spirit-Led Readings with prophetic messages. Professional, Passionate, and Purposeful. read more
PIN 2410
from $34
Ext. 1053
From a very early age (15) I started to read tarot. I used to predict things in my mind and couldn't understand at that time how I was doing this. When I got to 25 I bought my first tarot… read more
PIN 1053
from $34
Ext. 2718
Hello, my name is Shikha. I started reading for fun almost 12 years ago and was surprised with the accuracy of readings which inspired me to do it professionally. I am an experienced Tarot reader and combine my readings with… read more
PIN 2718
from $34
Ext. 4559
Hello my name is Jodie, I am a tarot, oracle and rune reader. I have been working with tarot and runes for 15 years. Since my childhood I have been drawn to magic and the mystical which has lead to… read more
PIN 4559
from $34
Ext. 3559
Hello I am Seabelle, I first became aware of my ability to foresee future events Clairvoyantly when I was aged 5. It took me a while to realise that most people did not have that ability. About 32 years ago… read more
PIN 3559
from $34
Ext. 5313
Namaste. My name is PAMATHRA.Some of you will know me from my seven years with Guiding Light Psychics, which closed in February 2020. I welcome former clients and look forward to hearing from you, and from new callers. I am… read more
PIN 5313
from $34
Ext. 8175
I'm an emphatic woman who has experienced a full life. From a young age I was gifted to see here and feel messages from spirit. My studies have enhanced and allowed for me to grow my unique spiritual gifts of… read more
PIN 8175
from $34
Ext. 8573
My names Bonnie I’m a clairvoyant and Energy Reader. I have 17 years of experience. I come from a long line of Readers I’m upfront Honest and get right to the point of the Reading. With the help of my… read more
PIN 8573
from $34
Ext. 9490
My name is David and for over 25 years I have been a professional psychic reader. I have travelled the world and have done over 40,000 readings. Clients like my style of readings because I do not waste time and… read more
PIN 9490
from $34
Ext. 7329
Nancy is a highly talented psychic and tarot reader. A strong psychic on Relationships too and the go to for astrology readings if your looking for that soul mate. I am completely non-judgemental and unshockable and have dealt with many… read more
PIN 7329
from $34
Ext. 2951
Spiritual Readings. Experienced Psychic Healer For 36 Years. Angelic Guidance for Clarity and Insight in Every Way. Extraordinary Ability to Connect with Departed Loved Ones. Suzie’s Forte Is Crystal Readings and Reiki Healing. read more
PIN 2951
from $34
Ext. 1693
Clairaudient, Clairvoyant, Clairsentient...Receive Clear Messages. I Can Sense Your Lover’s Aura and See the Soul Connection. Tarot Teacher! read more
PIN 1693
from $34
Ext. 5821
Clairvoyant And Clairaudient Reader who Resonates with the Gypsy Philosophy. My Objective is to Identify Your Current Geography of Paths to Guide You Along to Lasting Happiness. Feng Shui Expert! read more
PIN 5821
from $34
Ext. 9472
I'm a gifted Tarot reader and I hold Psychic abilities. I have had my gifts for many years. These gifts were passed down to me through generations as my mother before me held these gifts too. I use tarot cards… read more
PIN 9472
from $34
Ext. 2287
Having Heightened Perception means I naturally have heightened sensitivity or awareness. I use this ability, which includes receiving communications from higher guidance to help you look at your situation from a higher more insightful perspective. I am a natural medium… read more
PIN 2287
from $34
Ext. 4398
I was drawn to the Tarot over 20 years ago and I use my gift to assist others and that, as a lifelong pagan, I follow the Wiccan Rede. I use the Gilded Tarot, but also offer life quest information… read more
PIN 4398
from $34
Ext. 2929
I have highly developed psychic intuitive gift which I use to assist others. I am caring and non-judgmental and specialize in love, relationships, career, and spiritual coaching. I use Angel cards and spiritual energy in my readings and aim to… read more
PIN 2929
from $34
Ext. 2426
I have been using Tarot cards for over 15 years, and I am a naturally gifted Psychic & Medium. I have a warm character, and I'm an exceptionally good listener. The readings I offer are insightful and I will endeavour… read more
PIN 2426
from $34
Ext. 2615
I am here to assist you find clarity and to obtain direction in any area of your life. I have had a psychic gift since I was a young child and I am extremely intuitive. I draw upon my guides,… read more
PIN 2615
from $34
Ext. 3601
I come from a long line of gifted psychics. I receive messages from spirit, and confirm this with the use of tools such as the Tarot. I work with my guides and yours to seek the keys, the nuts and… read more
PIN 3601
from $34


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Why Soul 2 Path Psychics?
Soul 2 Path Psychics offers a variety of gifted psychics, mediums and Tarot card readers all with unique and varied skills. Our Psychics are able to provide accurate information to their callers.

All our psychics can answer specific questions that you seek answers for, or maybe a general reading about how your life is going and what's coming up for you in the near future. We have readers online 24/7 to assist you.

Readers available through Soul 2 Path Psychics have been selected for their unique abilities, and how to deliver messages to our clients in a compassionate and empathetic manner, ensuring they share with the customer in a manner that is honoring their gifts. We ensure all our readers maintain our exacting standards of professionalism.

All of our readers come with many years of experience giving professional psychic readings, by Clairvoyance, Mediumship, Tarot Cards, Angel Cards, Pendulum, Runes Stones, and many other tools available to them.

Many of our readers are Clairvoyant, Clairaudient and/or Clairsentient, and will be able to provide you with a quality reading over the phone, they connect with the spirit world and relay back to you the images they see, the emotions that they feel, or the sounds that they hear.

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